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541 - 500 - 1857 . . LCB 7114 . . Landscape Technician & Certified Arborist ISA PN5584A

Mario Veden landscape expert for Jacksonville and Medford, Oregon

Welcome. I provide landscaping & pruning in Oregon around Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point and Ashland. Included are some repeat customers from Beaverton and Portland suburbs who expressed the desire to continue as occasional travel permits. Services include skilled pruning, sod lawn, tree and shrub planting, drainage and fruit trees. A favorite is Japanese Maple pruning. Over 35 yrs. experience is applied to every aspect. Please take a moment to review background and testimonials. My landscape experience helped people all over the west coast, but most landscaping and tree care work remains in Oregon. Homeowners also call for advice regarding landscape, design, tree care and drainage. Those consultations typically average one hour, available for much of the Rogue Valley. For tree care, review Pruning Services.

improving landscape drainage using auger for Medford soil and Central Point

I entered horticulture back 1980 with golf courses, where associates referred to me as "the master of invention". That was followed by university campuses and hundreds of residential landscapes where the need for solutions was ever present. Two specialized services are tree measuring and photography which emerged from experience along the redwood coast measuring coast redwoods for research work. On that note, let me point out the second menu below leading to over 200 pages about the forest, landscaping tips and more. This site's "living room" in the background has extensive coast redwood info, one of the best online. And the landscape pages should inspire some good changes for home owners.

Landscaping tree planting near Ashland and Medford

Over the years, I found tree selection and planting to be especially enjoyable. The nuts and bolts behind it are often unrealized by landscape architects, designers or arborists because many stay confined to a single niche of work. Successful planting requires the mindset of both arborist and designer combined into one thought process. I'm one of the few you will find who worked as both landscape designer and arborist. And that makes a difference. Everything is important when it comes to planting landscape trees, and experience gets more accomplished than garden and tree books alone. Some species can be grouped or pruned in ways we won't find in any chapter.

Landscaping display garden for in Medford landscape

In 2017 we planted a new display landscape garden near south Medford to share ideas for landscape design, pruning and plant selection. Step #1 was the 4000 lb. moss rock water feature to attract hummingbirds, which it did right away. Step #2 included 60 kinds of flowers, shrubs, edibles and trees - color for all seasons. It's a 24 hour landscape we enjoy night or day, pleasing all five senses. It needs to mature, but hopefully will be ready for a garden tour between 2018 - 2020. This is one more way to help Rogue Valley residents decide on options that fit their needs and liking.

Mario Vaden