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Welcome. We provide landscaping, sod lawn, planting, drainage and pruning near Portland, including Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Sherwood. Mario Vaden, with over 30 years experience, is responsible for the landscaping services, and also Japanese Maple pruning. Past landscape work helped people all over Oregon, but most remains local. For tree care, please review Portland Pruning Services. Home owners often contact for advice, landscape ideas, tree and drainage consultation averaging 1 hour.

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Service covers residential landscaping improvements, but extends beyond typical landscape assistance: see background. 2 specialized services are Tree Measuring and Photography which emerged from experience in Northern California, locating, tagging and measuring tallest Coast Redwoods. The photo aspect moved beyond tree and landscape prints and has it's own site: two in fact. M. D. Vaden Professional Photography is available to other landscapers and arborists. Gear includes some of the best available for lenses and laser rangefinders.

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Pruning of landscape trees is safe all 12 months, in moderation. Transplanting is best done in the cool season, but some small shrubs can be moved all year. New grass sod is available all 4 seasons. ... On another note, the topics menu below leads to 200 pages: landscaping stuff, hiking and more. One FACEBOOK page is available: but it's forest and tree related. The back room of this site has a rather large amount of Coast Redwoood info, said by one professional Redwood Guide for example, to be the best online resource for Coast Redwoods.

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