Oregon Landscape and Frog Pond

Frog Pond trail: Red Buttes & GPS

The images on this page are Frog Pond in Red Buttes Wilderness. Both photos from June 2006. The previous winter of 2005-2006 had more snow than average. Be sure to utilize a forest map. I provided approximate GPS coordinates below for the pond area.

frog pond trail in the wilderness

This is a very nice trail, it's got character. When these photographs were taken in June of 2006, aquatic plants were just starting to emerge from the bottom of Frog Pond.

This was my favorite mountain hike of 2006. The previous winter had double normal precipitation, and snow remained into very late spring, near the top.

Instead of writing directions, your best option is to get a map of Rogue River National Forest from a ranger station. The Frog Pond trail area is clearly marked. Look at the south region of the forest. Frog Pond and trail are south of Applegate Lake, just within the Red Buttes Wilderness.

When you read the map, note a small gulch or creek between Cameron Meadows trailhead and Frog pond trailhead. A creek washes across the road here, and it's doubtful that you can drive across before June. But if you park there and cross on foot, the extra walk is minimal.

Hiking in southern Oregon mountains

Both Cameron Meadows trail and Frog Pond trail, reach Frog Pond. Frog Pond trail has a bit more character and is slightly shorter. Both trails will speed your breathing for the first third of the hike.

If you want to reach Frog Pond via Frog Pond trail - meaning driving across the stream, go after June 15th. If you want to reach the pond earlier, the road to Cameron Meadows trailhead should be reachable by vehicles from April to June. Snow can linger until late May. As you see from this June photo there is snow, but that was all the way up the trail after a heavier than normal snowfall in winter. The approximate GPS coordinates of the pond are: 41.979218, -123.261386

Don't drive up there without a spare tire. Also, no streams cross Frog Pond trail. The first extra water for purifying is at the pond. It's a short trail, but bring the water you need. If you drive for a hike to Frog Pond, and can't reach the trailhead, odds are you can get as far as the Shoe-Fly or Butte Fork trailhead which is just a couple of miles prior to Cameron Meadows. It's elevation is lower and snow typically hindered access for only in December and January.

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Of all the trails that my son and I hiked together when we lived near Rogue River National Forest, Frog Pond was the most appealing to my son at age 14.


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