General Sherman Giant Sequoia Redwood

General Sherman Giant Sequoia

General Sherman giant sequoia in the Giant Forest of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. The “Sherminator” (some say) is on American Forest’s national national registry as the champion  Sequoiadendron. October 2017, my wife Jan, joined me to visit this park. Surprisingly, the most outstanding sight was not General Sherman, but other scenery. The General is magnificent. But there’s […]

Redwood Foliage A

Some Facts About Coast Redwoods & Foliage

For anyone following on Facebook … Redwood National and State Parks posted videos August 7th & 9th with several rangers sharing about coast redwoods. All 3 videos made some claims about growth and foliage that sound incorrect. It’s worth the time to provide a few minutes of clarification. The August 7th video claimed that redwood “reiterations”  ( extra […]

Western Hemlock in Coast Redwoods

Measuring Champion Trees

In the USA, champion trees are the largest for a species. The word “champion”  denotes  largest is based on a point tally, not  total wood volume. Its a triathlon where points are awarded for height, circumference and crown spread.  In the USA, American Forests manages the national registry and has the most recognized champion list. But when […]

Save the Redwoods at War with Nature ?

2017  saw scores of hyperbola, opinion and fact pertaining to climate, change  and redwoods.  After hearing both sides, it was apparent nobody can predict the future. But a few tried and fear was a common thread. Personally, I would like the old growth redwood forests to last forever. But realistically, the future is unknown. Therefore, what is the […]

Lost Mans Fault Coast Redwood

Rarest of the Rare, a Fallen Titan

After years of searching for the largest coast redwoods (titans), one fallen giant found 2015, put my curiosity in motion. It was the trunk and log below called Lost Man’s Fault. Prior to 2015, my exploring was aimed at living giants larger than 25,0000 to 30,000 cu. ft., which are uncommon, but not difficult to find […]

albino redwood generation snowflake

Generation Snowflake, Albino Redwood

The redwood below is a rare albino coast redwood I refer to as “Generation Snowflake” It lurks in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, east of the Rockefeller (Tall) coast redwood. If you want to read more about these white trees, see my page on Albino Redwoods. Among these rare growths,  Generation Snowflake exemplifies  how fragile and dependent albino […]

Redwood Forest Root

The Language of the Redwood Forest

Ever seen the Corkscrew Tree coast redwood in Prairie Creek? In 2017, I finally figured out how that redwood probably formed, and shared a short video to explain. In  a nutshell, it’s a cathedral redwood that used to have a middle trunk that rotted or burned. The missing trunk’s convex or round surfaces caused the […]

Naming Redwoods vs. Not Naming Redwoods

In years gone by, many giant tree discoveries have been named and publicized, including a bunch of coast redwoods and giant sequoias. Almost everybody I ever met was comfortable with that tradition, until maybe about six years ago. A contrary philosophy  emerged from some researchers and rangers, who  think it’s better to not give names to redwoods. […]